Very fragrant clothes in 2 minutes


Very fragrant clothes in 2 minutes

How to get scented cloths in a few minutes? There is an effective remedy to deodorize your laundry even after you have finished washing and it is all dry. With scented water you can give your clothes the smell you prefer, here’s how!

Have you washed your clothes and they don’t seem to smell? Don’t worry, you don’t need to wash them again, actually let them dry and then use a natural method to make them fragrant. The secret to having smelling laundry is scented water, which you can easily prepare at home using natural and inexpensive ingredients.

The method involves the use of perfumed water during ironing , to give the desired fragrance to your clothes. By moistening them with the DIY solution, ironing will be easier and at the same time your clothes will have the scent you like best, so you will have obtained a double advantage. Let’s find out how to prepare scented water with essential oils .

How to create scented water

Scented water is an excellent way to have smelly clothes in 2 minutes and you can use it during the ironing phase to give your laundry a nice scent. Preparing scented water is simple, here’s what you need.

  • 5-6 drops of your favorite essential oil
  • 250ml of water

Once you have the ingredients at hand, all you have to do is put the water in a bowl and mix in the drops of essential oil of your favorite fragrance. Mix carefully to obtain a homogeneous solution and then pour it into a spray bottle.

How to use scented water


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