Unveiling the Unlikely Partnership with Toothpaste and toilet paper


Unveiling the Unlikely Partnership with Toothpaste and toilet paper

Toothpaste is one of the products that we buy in large quantities every time we go to the supermarket or shops that sell body care products.

Running out of toothpaste would really be a trauma for everyone. We use it several times a day, every time we eat, when we wake up in the morning and before going to sleep. In fact it is indispensable because it is the only product that allows us to keep our teeth white and clean at all times.

Neglecting dental hygiene means giving in to yellowed, dull, tartar-filled teeth, which, even when washed several times a day, are unlikely to return to being as perfect as before. If you always take care of your smile, you can get the same dazzling smile as the stars without any difficulty. All without spending a single cent, being the result exclusively of a good and correct habit.

The thousand uses of toothpaste

Few people know that toothpaste is suitable for many uses at home and is therefore not useful exclusively for dental hygiene. For example, it can be used for sunburns, this is precisely the remedy adopted by mothers and grandmothers when they had nothing else.

Then, it can also be used to remove ink stains from clothes, even those from red wine which are difficult to remove using any detergent. Next, it is used in a practical and certainly alternative way, to close nail holes in the wall when you have no other product available, or to eliminate scratches from CDs or DVDs which are easily damaged.

And then again, to clean the walls from the marks of your children’s pen or pencil and the iron, which after several uses ends up being full of limestone which stains clean clothes.

The following uses, however, are not very well kno

Toothpaste to keep the house clean


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