4 Houseplants that Absorb Moisture and Freshen Up the Air


4 Houseplants that Absorb Moisture and Freshen Up the Air

In addition to decorating interiors, plants can also purify the surrounding air. Some houseplants are also effective at removing excess moisture to prevent mold. However, discover 4 plants with the ability to reduce the risk of mold in the home. When grown indoors, houseplants can rid you of several problems like mold. To do this, simply choose plants that have the particularity of absorbing moisture to avoid the proliferation of these microscopic fungi.

What are the 4 effective houseplants against mold in the house?

To protect your interior from mold, you can grow the following houseplants that are known for their ability to absorb standing moisture.

1. The spider plant to eliminate moisture

Originally from South Africa, the green lily, also known as Chlorophytum, is a perennial herb with evergreen leaves. It is characterized by its flexible foliage in the form of long ribbons that fall down the sides. This plant is hardy and easy to care for. In fact, it can withstand drought and low light. When grown indoors, Chlorophytum has several benefits. It purifies the ambient air and eliminates carbon monoxide, toluene, as well as formaldehyde and benzene. In addition to removing these pollutants, the spider plant is also good at absorbing a significant amount of moisture from the air. This prevents the appearance of mold.

2. The peace lily, houseplant against mildew

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