Thriving and Robust Peace Lily


Thriving and Robust Peace Lily

ead on to find out how to make your peace lily grow healthily and lushly , a plant that is not so simple to grow.

How to make the peace lily grow best:

The peace lily is a beautiful plant that produces a truly unique flower. Everyone would like to have at least one in the garden, too bad it’s so difficult to grow.

This is why today we will give you some very useful tips so that you can always have one or more in top shape. First of all you should know that it is a plant that suffers greatly from drafts and also suffocating environments.

Precisely for this reason you should plant one in a place that is not exposed to the wind and is sufficiently ventilated. In summer you can perfectly let it lead its life outside, as long as it is in the shade, while in winter it would be better to bring your plant inside the house.

Another thing to monitor is the type of soil you choose to plant it in, which should be a mix of peat, bark chips and sand . Its pH should be acidic.

Finally, as regards the temperature , this should always be kept around 20 degrees so that the peace lily grows without problems. The flowering of this plant is perennial from spring to autumn, while it should slow down as winter approaches.

In any case, it cannot be ruled out that your peace lily can survive temperatures below 15 degrees. However, there is an incredible procedure that will help you get a lush, healthy and beautiful looking plant.

All you have to do is continue reading the article to find out which system we are talking about. Among other things, it uses an ingredient that we all know and that we always use in the kitchen. Continue reading the article to find out what substance it is.

That’s why pouring a handful can save it:


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