The twig trick to reproduce Salvia endlessly without!


The twig trick to reproduce Salvia endlessly without!

The Budget-Friendly Method for Endless Sage Reproduction

Sage, a fragrant plant from the Lamiaceae family, is rich in beneficial substances for the body and ideal for enhancing the flavor of food. Growing it at home is a simple task, requiring the right guidance, love, and attention.

Reproducing Potted Sage: A Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s delve into the essential points for successfully reproducing sage.

1.Seeds or Cuttings:

Sage seedlings can be grown from seeds, though this method is slower. Simply place soil in a pot, scatter seeds, cover with soil, water, and wait. Alternatively, you can use cuttings by inserting them into the ground during autumn or spring, without the need for rooting hormones.

2.Optimal Conditions:

After obtaining a sage plant, repot it immediately into a 30 or 40-centimeter-wide and deep container to accommodate its extensive roots. Place it where it is sheltered from the wind, receives ample sunlight, and avoid overwatering. Repot every 3-4 years, fertilize in autumn, and prune only when necessary.

3.Family-Sized Sage Growth:


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