The BEST Way To Grow Avocado


The BEST Way To Grow Avocado

Thinking about cultivating your own avocado tree? While growing an avocado tree from a pit requires patience, the rewards of harvesting fresh fruit make it worthwhile. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to plant and grow an avocado tree from a pit:

Planting Your Avocado Seedling:

1-Indoor Germination:

Start by growing your avocado seedling indoors using the large brown seed found in the center of the fruit.

If you reside in a warm area, you can transition the tree outdoors, although avocados are typically tropical fruits.

For areas with freezing winter temperatures, consider planting the avocado tree in a pot for indoor relocation during winter.

2-Choosing the Right Soil:

Avocado trees are native to subtropical regions in southern Mexico.

In regions with freezing winters, use potting soil for indoor cultivation to ensure proper air and water circulation.

Planting an Avocado Tree:

1-Germinating the Seed:

Wash the large avocado seed, identify the top and bottom ends, and insert toothpicks to suspend it in a glass of water.

Place the glass in a warm spot away from direct sunlight. Add water as needed, keeping the bottom inch of the seed submerged.


Once the seedling reaches 15-20 cm in height, trim the stem to around 8 cm to encourage new growth.

Plant the seed in a 10-inch-wide pot with drainage holes, using potting soil.

Caring for Your Young Avocado Tree:


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