Sticky Glass Jars in Seconds with This Simple Trick!


Sticky Glass Jars in Seconds with This Simple Trick!

It will surely have happened to you that you want to reuse a glass jar and find yourself struggling with the annoying remains left by the label . This sticky layer of glue and paper residue can be really difficult to remove.

Water and soap are certainly not enough to make the jar look like new again. Below we suggest a very effective trick to completely remove all the sticky residues left by jar labels.

Fill a container halfway with water, add a little dish soap and vinegar, and let the jar soak for 30 minutes. The labels will come off very easily.

To remove any glue residue left on the jar, use a cloth or sponge previously immersed in the same solution and rub well until all of it is removed.

This method is undoubtedly the most practical and fastest for removing sticky from glass jars that you want to reuse.

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