Soap in the fridge, leave it there before going to bed


Soap in the fridge, leave it there before going to bed

Did you know that soap can be a powerful ally in the battle against unwanted odors in the refrigerator? By placing a bar of soap inside before bedtime, you can wake up to a noticeably odor-free fridge, reminiscent of returning home after a few days away. This trick is especially handy for preventing lingering smells caused by spoiled food items, a common occurrence in many households.

Marseille Soap: The Odor Eradicator

Marseille soap, originally from France, is a solid soap renowned for its versatile household applications. Typically made from a blend of vegetable oil and extra virgin olive oil, Marseille soap has been a trusted ingredient for generations. To use it in the refrigerator, simply cut a few flakes and place them in a coffee cup. The soap not only eliminates unpleasant odors but also imparts a delightful aroma, leaving your refrigerator smelling fresh.

Alternative Remedies for Fridge Odors:


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