Crispy Baked Breakfast Delight: Perfect Fried Eggs!


Crispy Baked Breakfast Delight: Perfect Fried Eggs!

Baked Fried Eggs is one of my all time favorite recipes because I can make delicious eggs for everyone all at once!

If you havent tried making your eggs in the oven by baking them, you are seriously missing out!

I bake my bacon too (that recipe is on the blog as well!) I just love baking breakfast in the oven, eggs are no exception… πŸ™‚ I make a bunch of these in the morning on Sundays usually and I put some aside toΒ use to make breakfast sandwiches for us throughout the week!Β They reheat beautifully!


12Β large eggs

1Β cupΒ parmesan cheeseΒ shredded

1/2Β cupΒ heavy cream or half-and-half

sea salt and ground black pepper


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