Plants That Thrive Indefinitely in Aquatic Environments


Plants That Thrive Indefinitely in Aquatic Environments

Herbs have been used since ancient times because they have incredible benefits and medicinal properties.

There is no need to use flower pots, because like the popular bamboos, these plants can be grown directly in water in glass containers.

1 – MINT:

When it comes to freshness, this plant takes first place.Β This feature allows you to smell a delicate sweet smell.Β If you grow it in water, it will be in its natural habitat as it tends to grow in waterlogged soil or near waterways.Β Mint is perfect for flavoring lemonade in summer.

2 – SAGE:

Sage has a delicious scent, which is why it is often used in aromatherapy.Β You can also use sage to spice up eggs, chicken, lamb or pineapple.Β Take as much as you need and add it to your favorite dish.Β Sage needs light, but not necessarily direct sunlight.

3 – BASIL:

It is another of the star plants, you will not need an air freshener with the aroma that its leaves give off.Β Cut a few branches and fill the pot halfway, wait a week and it will start to take root.Β Place the pot in the sun and mix it with willow cuttings, which will make rooting easier as it acts as a natural rooting agent.



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