Tips for removing orange stains from toilets and bathtubs


Tips for removing orange stains from toilets and bathtubs

Orange stains   in the bathtub or on the toilet   are really unpleasant, especially when you strive to always have a clean and impeccable bathroom.

This type of stain is caused by three different factors:   accumulation of iron and magnesium   present in the water, mold or other bacteria. Chemicals are generally used to remove   orange stains   , however, although they are effective, they are toxic and harmful to our health.

If your home’s water contains high levels of iron or magnesium, they will eventually mix with soap scum, oxidize when they come into contact with air, and form the dreaded    orange stains .

A different matter for pink mould, which is actually not a fungus but a bacterium present in water and which ends up settling on bathroom surfaces.

If you want   to get rid of orange stains   without using chemicals, you can apply one of the following tricks.

Lemon juice and water

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