Preserve strawberries for an entire year using this method


Preserve strawberries for an entire year using this method

The red and juicy strawberries , impossible not to love them. There are those who would like to enjoy them all year round, but she is satisfied with that short period by buying whole boxes. It is a fruit rich in vitamins and mineral salts, as well as being versatile for the preparation of homemade fruit salads and desserts, as well as smoothies and any other type of delicious juice. Wellness experts have devised a way to preserve them all year round, ensuring that they always remain fresh and available whenever you want them. How you do it? Let’s find out together.

Store fresh strawberries for a whole year:

As mentioned, strawberries are loved by everyone . Red and juicy, they lend themselves to any type of preparation, from the classic as a mid-day hunger-stopper fruit, to the preparation of smoothies and similar. An ingredient with a sweet taste, which pleases the taste buds which celebrate with every taste.

The experts wanted to reveal a little secret , for their conservation for a whole year so as to always have them available.

Take a 1kg cassette and wash them carefully. Immediately afterwards, equip yourself with clean half-liter bottles with caps to close them. Fill the strawberries with white sugar and wait a few minutes. Immediately afterwards, the whole pieces of fruit must be placed in the water bottles, carefully closing with the cap.

Place the bottle in the freezer and take it out whenever you want . This is an excellent method to be able to have this fruit at hand, whenever you want. The sugar will retain all its properties over time and the fruit will be excellent once defrosted.

Alternative method:


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