My DIY Hand Sanitizer Adventure


My DIY Hand Sanitizer Adventure

It all began with good intentions – a desire to create a homemade hand sanitizer using common household ingredients. Armed with rubbing alcohol, aloe vera gel, and essential oils, the plan was to whip up an effective and fragrant solution. Little did I know, fate had other ideas.

The Twist:

As I gathered the ingredients on my kitchen counter, a sudden realization struck – I was out of aloe vera gel! Determined to improvise, I scoured my pantry for alternatives, only to stumble upon a bottle of rum. In a lighthearted moment of spontaneity, I decided to use it as a substitute for the missing aloe vera gel.

The Unintended Mix:

Blending the rum with rubbing alcohol created a unique, aromatic blend, and it wasn’t long before the familiar scent of a well-known cocktail wafted through the air. It was then that I noticed a can of cola in my refrigerator, and the idea struck me – why not turn this hand sanitizer mishap into a makeshift rum and coke?

The Result:

Surprisingly, the improvised hand sanitizer-turned-rum-and-coke concoction turned out to be a delightful and unexpected success. With the aromatic essence of rubbing alcohol, the soothing properties of aloe vera replaced by the smoothness of rum, and a hint of essential oil lingering in the background, I found myself with an unintentional yet surprisingly enjoyable beverage.


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