Moist Coconut Macaroons Recipe


Moist Coconut Macaroons Recipe

A simple recipe for simple coconut macarons made from sweetened condensed milk and finely grated coconut. The perfect gluten free play cookie!

The special thing about coconut macarons is that they can be really good or very bad. This begs the question: β€œWhat makes a good macaron?” We’ll talk about that and much more, but unfortunately I won’t leave you hanging any longer.Are there any macarons you can find here? Carefree. They’re really good

I’m actually not even a coconut fan, but these cookies are absolutely addictive. The last time I served them, every guest came back for seconds.All. And who could blame them? They’re perfectly juicy, full of flavor, dipped in chocolate and completely legal.

The first macaron recipes I tried left a lot to be desired. They consisted mainly of shredded coconut, sweetened condensed milk and whipped egg whites.And while I realize that a short, simple dish can save time, I have to say that we can add a lot more flavor to a macaron with little effort and just a few additional ingredients.

Before we explain how to improve them, let’s first talk about what they are.


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