Melt In Your Mouth Potatoes


Melt In Your Mouth Potatoes

Time is precious and when it comes to crafting side dishes, ease and flavor are paramount. For those moments when a substantial serving of potatoes is on the menu, let’s shift our approach: enlist a baking sheet, craft a herby butter concoction, and delegate the hard work to the oven.
The secret here lies in undisturbed cooking, an optional flip for the potatoes, and the introduction of a magical ingredient partway throughβ€”chicken broth! This liquid gets absorbed, transforming the spuds into heavenly, soft bites, making it abundantly clear why they’ve earned their name: Melting Potatoes.
Opting to broil them at the end yields a beautifully crispy exterior that conceals a melty, creamy interior. Essentially foolproof, these potatoes are not only scrumptious but also serve as a hassle-free solution to feed a crowd. On bustling days, let’s not permit a side dish to complicate matters, shall we?
Preparation time: 45 minutes; Serves: 6


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