Discover the Surprising in Your Shoe Rack


Discover the Surprising in Your Shoe Rack

Baking soda is an excellent ally for housewives, not only does it clean, remove stains, purify, but it can be used in the kitchen in a thousand ways, even for cleaning.

It is useful in many situations,Β Β and it is also ecologicalΒ Β , therefore totally respectful of the environment.

Housewives use it to degrease pots, dishes, to wash the sink and stove, in addition to vinegar, it is a miracle.Β Β Lately many people also put it inside the shoe rack or closet.

Baking soda to combat humidity

Surely we are talking about an extravagance,Β Β it is actually a beautiful trickΒ Β , because baking soda helps combat humidity. Sometimes it happens that you take clean, new, semi-new and smelly shoes and clothes out of the closet or shoe rack that obviously cannot be worn because they stink.

The reason for the smell is one: they were affected by mold. If you want to solve the problem once and for all, just put some baking soda in a small box with a lid.Β Β The lid must obviously be perforated with very small holesΒ Β , neither too many nor too large.

In this way, the baking soda absorbs the musty smell and eliminates any moisture present. Clothes and shoesΒ Β are free of bad odorsΒ Β almost immediately, the result is evident, they seem fresher than ever. This technique works if the chopped container is replaced once a week.

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