Laundry dries in 10 minutes in this part of the house and no one thinks about it


Laundry dries in 10 minutes in this part of the house and no one thinks about it

Hey, let’s talk laundry! Specifically, about those winter months where you don’t have a dryer and need to get creative with where and how you hang up your clothes to dry. It can be a real challenge, can’t it? Clothes sprawled everywhere, taking ages to dry… But don’t worry! We’ve got some awesome tips to get your laundry dry, nice and quick.

Quick Tips for Faster Drying:

First off, did you know your washing machine has a secret weapon for faster drying? Yep, it’s the spin cycle! This super handy feature gets rid of a lot of that excess water, meaning your clothes will dry a lot faster once they’re out. People often skip it thinking it’ll make their clothes super wrinkled, but trust us, a good spin (especially at high speeds) is your friend when it comes to laundry day.
Here’s a tip: when you’re hanging up your clothes, do it carefully to avoid creases, and you might even skip the need to iron!

Using Heat Safely :

Using a heat source can speed things up, too! Pop your drying rack in front of a radiator, a warm oven, or even a fireplace (with caution!). Just make sure that your clothes aren’t too close together – they need good air circulation to dry effectively, and you want to avoid any unwanted damp smells.

Remember: If you’re using a stove for heat, keep that room well-ventilated to avoid mold!

Finding the Perfect Drying Spot:


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