Hydroponically Cultivated Cucumbers!


Hydroponically Cultivated Cucumbers!

In this article we want to introduce you to a wonderful way of growing cucumbers, which allows you to obtain a 10 times higher yield. To grow cucumbers in this way, you don’t even need the garden – you can do it on the balcony or veranda. Another advantage of this method is that cucumber bushes require minimal care and you will not have to water them every day.


-a plastic bucket with a volume of approximately 20 litres;

-another plastic bucket: smaller, narrower than the first and just under half the height of the first bucket;

-a plastic lid: slightly smaller than the large bucket (it should have a diameter approximately equal to the internal diameter of the large bucket, but fit freely inside; we used a lid from a 10 liter bucket; you can also cut the lid off from the 20 liter bucket – to the required size);

-a 500ml plastic bottle or funnel;

-a lighter or burner;

-textile twine and/or an old synthetic t-shirt;

-a pair of scissors;

-a drill and bits of different diameters;

-fertile substrate, suitable for growing cucumbers (we used garden soil, mixed with 100 g of wood ash and a glass of 250 ml of fermented manure);

-perlite/vermiculite/coconut fiber substrate (to loosen the substrate and its optimal drainage);


-a seedling or cucumber seedling;

-mulch (straw, hay or coconut fiber substrate).


1.Prepare the 20 liter bucket.

2.Take the smaller bucket and drill a few small holes spaced apart in its walls (with the 8mm drill). Then cut the bottom so that the bottom edges of the walls are uneven. Place it in the center of the large bucket.


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