How to Sterilize Your Soil To Get Rid of Pests


How to Sterilize Your Soil To Get Rid of Pests

Sterilizing your soil is a crucial step in preventing pests and diseases that can harm your plants. There are several effective methods you can use, depending on the amount of soil you need to sterilize and the resources available to you.


Solarization is a great option for large garden beds. This method involves covering the soil with transparent or clear plastic to trap the sun’s rays, thereby heating the soil. It’s important to prepare the soil by raking away debris and irrigating well before covering. Anchor the plastic down tightly, possibly using a trench around the garden to eliminate air pockets. Solarization requires around 4-6 weeks of full sun exposure and is less likely to harm beneficial microbes. However, it may not be effective against certain heat-tolerant diseases and aggressive weeds.

Oven Sterilization


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