How to Remove Moisture from Walls and Never Let It Come Back


How to Remove Moisture from Walls and Never Let It Come Back

We have spoken on several occasions about excess  humidity in the walls  and the resulting mold, a problem that can affect our homes especially when they are located in humid contexts and it is not possible to ensure adequate ventilation.

Over time, concrete walls end up  absorbing moisture from the ground  , which rises through them until it becomes visible through  patches of mold  . But mold growth on walls can also occur in apartments if they are not properly ventilated.

Usually when this problem arises we try to fix it with generic cleaning products, perhaps by repainting the wall. However, if the problem is not completely eliminated, it will only be a few weeks before the mold returns.

1. Eliminate moisture with talcum powder:

Talc is an excellent ally against humidity and acts on walls in the same way as on shoes: it extracts and absorbs humidity.

Simply pour a little talcum powder on the walls, then rub with a cloth to work it into the walls. Repeat the process several times to make it even more effective in removing all traces of moisture.

2. Get rid of mold with bleach:

In this case, the solution is a palliative, since it is able to completely eliminate the mold, but not the humidity present in the walls.

Mix two equal parts water and bleach in a spray bottle. Remember to use rubber gloves, goggles and a mask. Open all windows when you apply this method.

Spray the solution on the mold and use a toothbrush to scrub it vigorously. A little patience is required, stubborn mold may require more than one hand to get rid of.

Warning: Bleach can discolor painted walls, so this method is best suited to white walls.

3. Remove the mold with hydrogen peroxide:


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