How To Make Homemade Lemonies


How To Make Homemade Lemonies

Hey fellow chocolate lovers! If you’ve peeked at our other recipes, you know we’re unapologetic choco-holics. Seriously, anything drenched in chocolate and we’re all over it. But, our taste buds aren’t exclusive to the cocoa bean, oh no! We’re absolute suckers for that citrusy zing as well – we’re talking lemon and lime goodness all the way!
Meet our “lemonies.” Envision a delightfully chewy, dense bar that might remind you of a brownie, yet it’s distinctly not one. These lemony treasures are like the cheerful, lively cousin to the sultry, rich, fudgy brownie – a perfectly zesty counterpart!
Believe it or not, these non-chocolate squares manage to carry that dreamy fudginess, offering a scrumptious richness in every bite. And let’s not forget the glaze – oh, the glaze! It’s the literal and metaphorical icing, offering an extra burst of lemon and a glossy finish, making these bars irresistibly cute and even more mouthwatering. We whip them up constantly in spring and summer, and when we need a burst of culinary sunshine in winter, they’re our go-to. We can’t resist them and we bet you’ll fall head over heels too!
Let’s Bake Some Lemonies!


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