How To Make Crispy Butter Cookies


How To Make Crispy Butter Cookies

Whenever there’s a hint of a social gathering, a friendly chat, or perhaps a spontaneous desire for a mid-day treat for the children, cookies always seem to be the go-to delight. Honestly, who needs a reason for cookies? They’re the quintessential pick-me-up treat, always ready to satiate those sudden sugar cravings. Whatever your motivation for donning that apron, these buttery cookies promise to be a delightful surprise. They offer a crisp, golden bite, the right amount of sweetness, and are simply irresistible.
The magic behind these delights is the salted butter. The subtle saltiness beautifully offsets the sweetness, bringing forth an intense buttery richness. Since the recipe is straightforward, opting for a top-tier butter will elevate its taste. The beauty of these cookies lies in their unadorned elegance.
These are what you’d call ‘refrigerator cookies’. Yet, the beauty is you don’t have to fuss with rolling pins or mold them into shapes. Simply chill them as logs, and slice them when you’re ready to bake. If you find yourself not using all the dough, fret not. These logs freeze exceptionally well, ready to be baked whenever you please. For an added sparkle, sometimes we roll the dough log in sugar, but trust us, they’re a star even without that.
Classic Butter Cookies
Preparation: 20 minutes active, 1 hour inactive; yields 24 cookies.


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