How to Grow Mushrooms in Plastic Bags


How to Grow Mushrooms in Plastic Bags


To begin, create a lime water mixture by combining 200 grams of lime powder with 30 liters of water. This will help in the growth of mushrooms.

Substrate Preparation and Incubation

To prepare the growing medium, immerse straw or hay in the lime water mixture. Let it soak for about 30 minutes and then drain it. Next, cover the drained substrate with plastic for approximately 4 days, maintaining a temperature of 65-70Β°C.

Mushroom Cultivation

Once the incubation process is successful, it’s time to move on to the cultivation phase. Use plastic bags, preferably polyethylene PE, measuring around 30 x 40 cm. Make sure the bags have a folded square bottom for easier substrate layering.

Start by stuffing the bags with substrate, beginning with a 3-4 cm bottom layer. Then, transplant the mushroom seed along the walls of the bag. Add 6-7 cm layers until there are four layers in total, sprinkling seed evenly on the top layer.

Seal the bags with clean cotton and secure the mouth for proper closure. Transfer the bags to a fiber nursery, making sure to maintain distance between them. Cover the bag mouths with newspaper to retain moisture.

Mushroom Growth and Harvesting


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