How To Grow a Giant Lemon Tree No Matter Where You Live


How To Grow a Giant Lemon Tree No Matter Where You Live

Ever fancied having your very own citrus tree indoors? It’s completely doable and not as complicated as you might think! By following the steps below, you can enjoy the benefits of fresh lemons and the delightful scent of lemon blossoms in your home. Even during those cold winter months, you can bask in the tropical feel a lemon tree brings.

Steps to Grow a Mammoth Lemon Tree

Selecting the Right Cultivar:

Purchase a ready-grown tree from a local nursery or grow your own from seeds. Using organic seeds enhances your success rate.

The indoor-friendly Meyer lemon tree yields smaller fruits. They stand about 6-7 feet tall and exude a mild, pleasant aroma.

Ponderosa lemons can grow taller but can be challenging indoors. If you’re set on a giant tree, the Ponderosa is the way to go. Opt for a nursery variant grafted onto a dwarf rootstock for easier indoor management.

Planting Your Tree:

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