How to Clean Between the Glass Panes of Your Oven Door?


How to Clean Between the Glass Panes of Your Oven Door?

There is a mechanism on the oven door and most people don’t know how useful it is.

Have you ever taken a closer look at your oven door? Unless it’s brand new, chances are it’s marred with unsightly drip marks and stubborn residue. This common occurrence is a result of food, grease, and condensation finding their way between the two glass panes of the oven door. The elevated temperatures inside the oven cause these residues to burn and stain, leaving your oven door looking far from pristine.

Surprisingly, the process of cleaning between those glass panes is remarkably simple. Start by opening your oven door and directing your attention to the top ridge, where the oven’s vents are located. By carefully removing the screws holding the panel with the vents in place, you gain access to the space between the glass panes, allowing for thorough cleaning and stain removal.

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