How to Cook Steel Cut Oats (4 Ways!)


How to Cook Steel Cut Oats (4 Ways!)

Learn how to cook steel cut oats in four different ways: microwave, stovetop, overnight, and slow cooking. Choose your preferred method based on convenience and batch size. This nutritious carbohydrate is a healthy and affordable meal to start the day!

One of the healthiest grains you can eat

Nearly every household has a canister or box of oats stashed in their pantry, or at least they should. This shelf-stable cereal grain is packed with several health benefits in each spoonful. There are various types of oats to choose from at the store that it can be a little overwhelming. So I’m going to walk you through one of the most popular varieties called steel cut oats or Irish style oats.

These little bits have a delicious nutty flavor and slightly chewy texture that gets creamy as it cooks. Because they are one of the least processed varieties, they can take a longer time to cook. But not to worry! I have four easy methods you can try that vary in cooking time, hands-on activity, and yield. Choose the one that best suits your needs, and you’ll be an oatmeal pro in no time.

How to cook steel cut oats

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