How to Grow Carrots from Seed


How to Grow Carrots from Seed

If you’re interested in cultivating carrots (Daucus carota), it’s crucial to note that they thrive in cooler temperatures, making early spring and late fall ideal for their growth. Optimal temperatures range from nighttime lows around 13Β°C to daytime averages of 24Β°C. Carrots adapt well to small gardens, flower beds, and even tolerate some shade.

Here are some tips on growing carrots:

Prepare the Soil:

Clear the soil surface of weeds, stones, and large pieces of bark.

Enrich the soil with potting soil to promote carrot growth.

Optimal soil for carrots is sandy loam with good drainage, avoiding clayey soils that result in slow maturation and rough, unattractive roots.

Site Preparation:

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