Grow Jasmine Plant from Cuttings


Grow Jasmine Plant from Cuttings

You can grow jasmine as an easy-care common plant and then use the cuttings from it to create fragrant hedges or border flowers. Give your new plants full sun in U.S., but keep them shaded during hottest hours of day if you live elsewhere!

The Department of Agriculture classifies Jasmine plants by their hardiness zone (7-10) in order to ensure a plant will survive and thrive in that type of environment. This means you can bring your Jasmine plants inside during the winter if you live outside of these zones.

When to Cut

Jasmine benefits from heavy pruning after blooming. Save some of the cuttings to use for propagation, as it’s best taken from stems just before a plant flowers and produces new growth in spring or summertime according to season-specific needs!

Take cuttings in the morning hours when your plant is more hydrated than it will be later on. Before taking any, make sure that you prepare a pot for them by exposing their stems to air as soon as possible after planting with its seeds or roots exposed at soil level.

What to Cut


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