Revitalize Your Greasy Kitchen Hood


Revitalize Your Greasy Kitchen Hood

The kitchen hood is an essential appliance for eliminating vapors, fumes, and odors released during the cooking process. Its use ensures the ambient air remains clean and free of contaminants by extracting smoke generated during cooking. There are two main types of hoods: the extractor, which expels air through a duct to the outside, and the filter, which purifies and reintroduces filtered air into the kitchen environment.

How often does your house become filled with strong and persistent odors after cooking something?

This common and quite bothersome occurrence often results from an inactive or improperly cleaned hood. If the hood is not activated or cleaned properly, its suction capacity is compromised, leading to reduced performance. Regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial to maintaining optimal functionality.

A simple act, such as cleaning your hood, can make a significant difference. Returning home to the lingering smell of lunch’s roast meat is far from welcoming. Opening windows often proves ineffective, and the odors persist. If you’re wondering why the smell lingers despite using the hood, the answer lies in the need for a deep clean. A clean hood allows for easy air circulation and filtration, while a dirty one hinders the passage of fumes, making it challenging to expel them.


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