Grandma’s Polish Cookies


Grandma’s Polish Cookies

When it comes to celebrating holidays with cookies, the diverse variety is truly vast. But standing tall amongst them all is our cherished Polish cookie recipe. Handed down through generations, these cookies are a testament to grandma’s culinary prowess, evoking memories of her unmatched baking skills. Interestingly, their design is often equated to angel wings, a fitting description given their ethereal appearance and taste. With a delightful twist in their design, these cookies add a uniquely sweet spin to holiday celebrations.
Imagine biting into a piece of dough, deep-fried to perfection and generously dusted with powdered sugar. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? Essentially made of dough and sugar, their simplicity is their biggest charm. We cut the dough into strips, twist them into an angelic bow or winged shape, and fry them to golden perfection. As they’re served, one can’t help but feel they’re too divine to be of this earth, often disappearing as if they’ve taken flight!
Beyond their delightful taste, the process of making these cookies is a heartfelt journey down memory lane. Every fold, twist, and sprinkle of sugar evokes tales of past family gatherings, echoing laughter, shared stories, and unforgettable moments. Indeed, while the cookies are delectable, the warm memories they bring are even more precious.
Certain delicacies are inextricably linked with festivities and special occasions. While these might not fit the conventional definition of ‘cookie’, their doughy goodness and sugary delight place them right up there with the best. Our grandma’s Polish cookies are a testament to timeless family traditions, eagerly anticipated every year, as much for their nostalgic flavor as for their sweet taste.


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