Grandma’s method for headlight cleaning


Grandma’s method for headlight cleaning

Grandma’s tip for cleaning car headlights

Hello ladies, dear drivers. I thought that my grandmother only had remedies for sore throats and everyday ailments, but I was surprised to see that she also had a tip for cleaning car headlights!

When she told me her secret, I laughed, but quickly became disillusioned when I saw how bright my headlights were. Now I’m going to share it with you with a touch of humor. Come on, get out your kitchen apron, let’s shine your headlights!

“Clear vision starts with clean headlights.”

Here is my tip for cleaning car headlights:

Here’s what you need:

White toothpaste (and no, this time, it’s not for your teeth).
An old toothbrush (don’t worry, your car doesn’t have cavities).
A soft cloth

Here’s how to do it:


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