DIY Projects Made from Matchsticks


DIY Projects Made from Matchsticks

Matchstick coasters

Did you love the way the matchstick star used partially burned matches to incorporate a bit of pattern and visual appeal into the project, but you’re not sure you’re up to the challenge of building an entire multi-layered star? Try this simpler coaster idea from Free Peopleinstead. You could create any pattern you like by burning partial or whole matches, just like in this tutorial.

Mini matchstick vase

Do you love the idea of having greenery in your home but you have allergies or don’t have the time to care for plants? Faux plants will work well, but I personally like to jazz up my plants a little more if they’re faux by putting them in very decorative pots and vases. Matchsticks are a great tool for this too! Check out how this Pinterest user built a little vase that looks like a basket by building up the sticks in overlapping layers.

Matchstick candle lamps

Do you like the idea of the basket made of overlapping layers, but you don’t really need a miniature vase? Try making a candle holder instead! It might sound risky to light a candle inside a case made of unburned matches, and it can be if you’re not careful, but this tutorial from Viral Girlyshows you how to do it safely.

Matchstick vanity tray


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