How To Make Crockpot Hot Dog Chili


How To Make Crockpot Hot Dog Chili

Full of flavor, this Crockpot Hot Dog Chili makes an ordinary hot dog extra delicious. Made in the slow cooker, it is the perfect addition to a hot dog bar with toppings, or serving on top of fries or burgers!

This crockpot hot dog chili will do a Detroit coney dog justice – just make sure you grill the hot dogs! If it is too thick for your liking, you can thin it out with additional water or even more ketchup.

Do you love chili dogs? My easy hot dog chili that I make in the slow cooker is the best you can make! So much flavor. Don’t use canned chili, used a good chili on your dogs!

Hot dogs are an easy way to get dinner on the table but why not make it spectacular? Pile this homemade hot dog chili sauce over your hot dogs and top with cheese and onions. You can even use this hot dog chili on a hot dog bar!

Hot dogs have always been a guilty pleasure in our home. I know, I know. There’s a litany of reasons not to eat them, including how unhealthy they are, the nitrates, etc.

And yet, I will continue to buy them when the mood strikes, and we’ll all continue to β€˜relish’ every bite. Pun 100 % intended.

As with everything else in life, I just apply the mantra- everything in moderation.

I wouldn’t eat them everyday, although I’m pretty sure my kids would die happy if they could indulge in them morning, noon, and night.


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