How To Make Homemade Buns


How To Make Homemade Buns

My Mom’s Homemade Buns are the perfect dinner roll for any occasion! Incredibly soft and fluffy, use all purpose or whole wheat flour, make a big batch and freeze for later.


  • Flour 0000 500 gr.
  • Fresh yeast 25 gr. (or half dry envelope)
  • Salt 1 tbsp.
  • Sugar 50 gr.
  • Butter (butter) 25 gr.
  • 100cc milk.
  • Water 125cc.
  • Egg to paint 1 u.




1. Form a crown with the flour. In the center add salt, sugar, yeast, milk and water, little by little. Dissolve and knead.

2. Add the ointment butter and continue to knead until you obtain a smooth and tender brioche.

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