Dead orchid, you only need 1 pinch to resurrect it easily


Dead orchid, you only need 1 pinch to resurrect it easily

Dead and lifeless orchid: add a pinch of this natural ingredient to resurrect it and give it a second life.

Orchid with dull colored leaves and flowers? How to make the plant lusher and healthier? Just add a pinch of this ingredient found in your kitchen pantry to instantly resurrect it. Find out what you need to add to your perennial and how to make it thrive.

Orchid with yellowing leaves: what are the causes?

Orchid with yellowed leaves and wilted flowers? It often happens that the immune system of this ornamental plant weakens. The leaves turn yellow and the flowers wither. The yellowing of orchid leaves is caused by water stagnation caused by too frequent watering. Direct and too intense sunlight, lack of fertilizer , damage to mechanisms and parasites are also causes of weakening of the orchid. Orchids undergo a process of weakening and aging, whereby the leaves turn yellow and dry.

Water stagnation between the leaves leads to the proliferation of spores of fungi, bacteria and pathogens which attack the stem of the orchid, causing blossom end rot. Another reason why the orchid may have yellowing leaves is the use of an old and degraded substrate. Another problem with the weakening of the orchid is too much light.

Weakened orchid: add a teaspoon of this ingredient:


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