Creamed Potatoes and Peas


Creamed Potatoes and Peas

Many opt for heavy cream or half-and-half to achieve that rich, creamy consistency in their potato dishes. However, I’ve found that using skim milk does the trick without compromising much on taste. What’s even better? The calorie count drops significantly!

This dish is a hit across all ages. If you have younger ones who prefer mashed textures, or even babies (my 10-month-old can’t get enough), this is perfect to mash up and serve. It’s a refreshing deviation from the conventional baked potato, and it’s a breeze to scale the recipe for larger gatherings or potlucks. On top of all these perks, it’s budget-friendly.

Here’s a fun fact: potatoes are nutritional powerhouses! Surprisingly, they pack more potassium than bananas. Their high fiber content contributes to cholesterol reduction, ultimately promoting heart health. Also, they’re rich in vitamin C and B6. So, with this dish, you’re not only serving something delicious, but also nutritious.


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