How To Clean a Toilet Tank?


How To Clean a Toilet Tank?

Fight germs and mineral buildup that almost always escape you on chore day with these simple steps.

If the last time you shined the bathroom, you couldn’t completely mask a foul odor or had to work hard to remove brown rust stains from the rim of the toilet bowl, your work may not be done. Don’t beat yourself up for missing a spot, because this one is often overlooked: the toilet tank. Its lid keeps dirt, bacterial contamination and mineral buildup out of sight until you need to lift it to reach the tank and stop manual toilet operation or evaluate parts for another repair. These poor conditions can also lead to corrosion of the metal parts of your toilet tank and cause stains on the bowl – the first indication of a problem for most homeowners.

By cleaning your toilet tank regularly – at least twice a year – you can extend the life of your toilet and all its parts, freshen up the smell of your bathroom and save yourself elbow grease the next time you clean the bowl. It’s a win-win situation! So what are you waiting for? Get a task done quickly and keep it fresh by following this guide on how to clean a toilet tank.


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