Cherry tree in 20 days with split hazel makeup


Cherry tree in 20 days with split hazel makeup

Discover the fascinating technique that allows you to propagate plants directly from the core, unveiling the hazel’s secret for bringing a cherry tree to life in just 20 days with straightforward steps. Nursery experts share this valuable trick, requiring a bit of attention and a green thumb, along with the guidance of video tutorials or advice from a trusted nurseryman. Let’s explore how to transform a single seed into a beautiful cherry tree.

Obtaining a Cherry Tree from the Core

Summer is the season when the Earth yields its best fruits, a burst of colors and scents embracing sunny days. From the cores of these fruits, seedlings can sprout with just a few essential tips. The cherry tree, known for its beauty and ease of cultivation, becomes accessible through the core, free from pesticides.

Organic cultivation aligns with the desire to convey a message through nature itself, prompting seasoned gardeners and nurserymen to impart the knowledge of harvesting and preserving plant cores.

All you need for this operation is a cherry pit, fertile soil, and water for watering the earth.

Acquiring a handful of cherry pits is not a challenge, considering their prevalence in consumption. A dozen pits are ideal for conducting necessary tests and initiating the tree’s growth. After thorough washing and drying to prevent mold, the hazels are sown in autumn or winter, allowing the seedling to emerge in spring. The hazel’s split method accelerates the process, yielding a seedling in just 20 days, perfect for springtime planting.

Advice and Procedure


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