How To Make Cheeseburger Subs


How To Make Cheeseburger Subs

The Cheeseburger Oven Sub is an all-time favorite that you will crave often. It’s simply too wonderful. These loose-meat bacon cheeseburger sandwiches may be topped with any of your favorite burger condiments, turning them into a unique version of the traditional burger.

It’s time for some more crispy bacon! What sort of a food blogger would I be if I didn’t promote my favorite protein by sharing delicious dishes that include bacon in some capacity, such as these bacon cheeseburger sandwiches? Answer: a Terrible one and that’s something we can’t have!

When I cooked these bacon cheeseburger sandwiches, I was in a hurry to get out of the house and go to work, so I didn’t spend more than twenty minutes putting them together and baking them. To put it another way, if you lead busy lifestyle and are looking for ways to spend as little time as possible preparing meals, this variation of the dish would make the IDEAL choice for either lunch or supper.


400 grams.Of lean ground beef.

4 bacon slices; cooked and crumbled.

2 Tbsp.Of…

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