30-Minute Mongolian Beef


30-Minute Mongolian Beef

This 30-Minute Mongolian Beef is savory and sweet and so delicious!! With thinly cut steak, soy sauce, brown sugar, fresh garlic, and ginger – all prepped and ready to eat in just 30 minutes!

Lately, I’ve really been craving Chinese food. I think it’s because I’ve been feasting on so much traditional American comfort food – you know, with the Holidays and all.

How about you – could you go for some Chinese food right about now? What’s your favorite dish?

A few of my favorite Asian meals would have to include Mango Chicken, Broccoli and Beef, a big ole bowl of Ramen, Sweet and Sour Shrimp, Mongolian Chicken, or the classic General Tso Chicken.

… PLUS my latest obsession and today’s recipe – this super easy, 30-Minute Mongolian Beef!


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