10 fasting growing shrubs that create privacy


10 fasting growing shrubs that create privacy

Sitting outside in a garden is one of life’s most simple pleasures. But sometimes, a garden can feel a little bit too open to the outdoors, particularly if you live in a more build-up area. Feeling exposed to nosy neighbors and passers-by can make your time in the garden feel busy and stressful. Luckily, there is something that can be done.
With some clever garden design, it can be easy to create some extra privacy in your garden. And one successful way to do so? Through plants and shrubs, of course! A shield of greenery can help keep you concealed in your garden, while still looking natural and verdant. So if you need to boost your garden’s privacy in a hurry, here are ten of the fastest-growing shrubs out there.

1. Leylandii

The leylandii is a particularly fast-growing type of cypress, a well-known conifer. It grows speedily, but can quickly get out of control, growing up to 40 meters, so may be best suited to larger and more rural gardens!

2. Pines

The Aleppo, loblolly, and white pine are all speedy growers. As with leylandii, though, they can get very big, very fast, so need to be handled with care.

3. Laurels

Laurels have larger, shinier leaves and a beautiful appearance, with the cherry laurel, in particular, as a popular choice. They can grow up to five meters high given time.

4. Holly

A holly bush can give your garden some privacy and some festive cheer! The quick-growing shrub offers good coverage, while the spiky leaves add some extra security.

5. Pyracantha

Pyracanthas are evergreen shrubs that bloom with beautifully vibrant orange berries in the fall, giving them their nickname of firethorn. They work well as standalone bushes or as part of a hedge.

6. Bamboo

One of the fasting growing plants out there, bamboo can make a wonderful privacy shield from the world. They grow very tall, but don’t take up a huge amount of ground space, making them a great option for smaller gardens.

7. Lilac

For a more floral twist on a classic privacy shrub, consider the lilac. The springtime flowers are both beautiful to look at and delightfully aromatic, making your garden a lovely place to be.

8. Forsythia

To add some more color to your privacy border, the bold yellow flowers of the forsythia are a great choice. The woody stems make the plant sturdy, plus they are great for your garden’s insect life.

9. Roses

If you have an open fence or gate that you want to add coverage to, consider the rambling rose. It grows quickly, plus offers those iconic summer blooms that’ll have your garden smelling fragrant.

10. Hydrangea

One of the most versatile shrubs for privacy, hydrangeas can stand alone or work as climbing plants. You can also get both evergreen and deciduous varieties and enjoy those beautiful, extravagant blooms.

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